How Much Does A Child Support Lawyer Cost

by | Feb 6, 2019 | General


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Whether you need to get child support or you’ve been asked to pay it, getting a lawyer to help is a good idea. You want to make sure the court order is fair to you, the other parent, and the child or children involved. The cost of a child support lawyer in Holmdel NJ is going to vary, and it’s not something that comes as a flat fee.

That’s because every case is different, and everyone has unique issues that have to be carefully considered in order to handle him or her in the best way possible. Don’t underestimate the power of talking to a lawyer who really understands you and is willing to listen. You want to be heard, and want to make sure the court understands all the circumstances.

The amount of child support you’ll pay is going to depend on how much you and the other parent make, along with how much time each one of you has the child or children. If you have a 50/50 split and each make a similar income, it is likely to pay less in child support. The cost of your lawyer, though, isn’t dependent on the level of child support you pay.

Finding a lawyer who’s going to charge fairly is important. You want the money you have to pay out to go to your children, not be spent in the courtroom, haggling and arguing with the other parent over every little thing. By hiring an attorney, you can help avoid a lot of drama and problems. Attorneys are dedicated to helping you for a fair price, and they’ll do their best to keep the drawn-out arguments over child support amounts out of your case.

The child support guidelines are set, but there are factors that can affect them. Make sure you work with an attorney who knows the law, and who knows your rights. Then you’ll be paying what’s fair to everyone, including the lawyer. Cheapest isn’t always best, but you can get great legal representation at a realistic price. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.