Hiring an Experienced Veterans Benefits Lawyer for Your Legal Case

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Attorney


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After paying into military benefits for years during your service, you may find that you need to draw on them. You could suffer from an illness or injury that prevents you from going back to active duty. You also may not be able to return to a civilian job.

Rather than live your entire life without an income, you can file for benefits that you paid into as an active military member. You can get a judge to decide in your favor by hiring an experienced veterans benefits lawyer in Alabama to represent you today.

Filing an Initial Case

The process to win benefits from your military service starts with filing a case in the appropriate court system. The location of where your case is filed will largely depend on where you live. Your lawyer will know where to file your case and in what docket it will appear.

Filing an Appeal

Chances are that your case will be denied the first time. Most first-time applicants are denied unless they suffer from a terminal illness or injury.

Your lawyer can file an immediate appeal on your behalf. You can get the appeal on the court docket and heard within a matter of months to keep your case going and eventually decided in your favor.

You can learn more about hiring a skilled veterans benefits lawyer in Alabama for your representation online. Set up a consultation with Jackson & MacNichol.