Hiring a Slip and Fall Attorney in Macomb County, MI

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Attorney


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When someone falls inside of a business’ establishment, there will be probably be some concern over who was at fault for the occurrence. Medical bills and the loss of pay due to an injury can be difficult for the victim to handle on their own. For this reason, it is better to hire a slip and fall attorney in Macomb County, MI to help in receiving compensation if the injured party believes the business is at fault. Here are some tips to use to aid in building a solid case.

Speak with an Attorney As Soon As Possible

It is best to contact an attorney right after an injury is sustained. This way, the person who was hurt will still have all the details leading up to the accident fresh in their memory. This information will be extremely useful as all points will possibly be scrutinized in a court of law if the business does not wish to pay for the accident outright. An attorney will use all information provided to help in proving the business was negligent in how their establishment was presented to those on the premises, causing the accident to occur.

Find Out If There Were Any Witnesses

When the fall occurred, someone may have seen it happen. If so, getting their view on what happened to cause the fall will be extremely important. An attorney will help in tracking down potential witnesses if necessary. Surveillance video can be obtained from the premises via an attorney as well. This can give clues about the fall in addition to showing the identities of people who may have seen it occur so they can be contacted.

Make Sure Medical Documentation Is Obtained

After the fall happens, a trip to a hospital or to a doctor’s office will be necessary. Asking for documentation about the injury will be helpful as it will be on hand to give to an attorney for evaluation. It is also best to keep all follow up appointments and to follow medical professionals’ advice to avoid further health problems.

When there is a need to find a reliable slip and fall attorney in Macomb County, MI, a consultation with one before hiring them will give the client the peace of mind that they made the right selection. Visit us to find out more.