Help From a Personal Injury Attorney in Tyler TX

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Personal Injury Attorney


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When you have been injured, through no fault of your own, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Not knowing who to turn to for help can make you feel overwhelmed. When an injury puts you out of work and leaves you picking up the pieces of your life, a Personal Injury Attorney Tyler TX office can help to get you the justice that you deserve.

When an injury occurs, the first step is to get to a doctor as soon as possible. You will need to make sure that you inform the doctor that you were injured in a personal injury so that he or she can file the proper reports, as this will be a big piece of evidence in your case.

When you meet with your attorney, he or she will get as much information from you as possible. Viewing the medical reports and gathering evidence can help your attorney to works towards a favorable outcome in your case.

During your case, you may be contacted through phone or mail, from the insurance companies in the case or from the responsible party. It is vital that you do not speak with anyone regarding the case and that you do not sign any paperwork. You should field all communications to your attorney for him or her to handle.

Until you are released from your physician, your case will not progress. Once your physician has made a determination as to the extent of your injuries, your case will either be decided outside of court or will go to a court hearing.

If your case does go to court, your lawyer will work to represent you throughout your case. Your Personal Injury Attorney Tyler TX will present as much evidence as possible so that the responsible party has to pay for your injuries, damages, and pain and suffering.

Though being injured can bring you a lot of pain and stress, getting compensation does not need to. Contact Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C. today and get the help that you need to get the best outcome possible for your case. The sooner you call, the sooner your attorney can begin working.