Has Your Social Security denied in Fort Worth TX? Depression is Real

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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Having your Social Security denied in Fort Worth TX can be extremely frustrating. Costing an estimated $44 billion a year in treatment, depression has a definitive impact on society and the economy. That is just economically, societally it would be considered an epidemic, rivaling only diseases like the black plague, which wiped out half of Europe in the Middle Ages. It is often difficult for many people to appreciate depression because they do not think of it as an illness like heart disease or cancer. Depression can be just as deadly. Here are some other important things to consider about depression:

* Depression comes in different forms, just as any other health conditions. Common forms are major depression, dysthymia and bi-polar disorder.

* Depression is the primary cause of disability in the United States for people in the age range of 15-44.


* Affecting speaking, depression affects approximately 17.1 million adults in the United States. That is roughly 8% of the adult population.

* Statistics of major depression varied by annual economic classes within the last year. Adults living under the poverty line of less than $20,000 experienced the highest rate of major depression. Nearly 11% of them were affected. While households s with a family income of $50,000 or more had the lowest rate of 7% with major depression.

* In general, married women are more prone to depression than single women. Among those, mothers who stay at home full-time with small children experience depression more often.

* No matter the age, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or lifestyle, people everywhere suffer from major depression.

* Approximately 1/4 of suicides in the United States are due to undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed major depression.

* Research has shown being alone, widowed, divorced or separated, is closely linked to depression. This seems to reinforce the theory of stress and depression.

The stigma of having a mental illness prevents many from seeking treatment. Recognizing depression is something each and every person should try to look for within their lives. Chances are, at some point, everyone will be affected, if not personally, most certainly by a loved one. It should be treated with the care and consideration that is given to any physical disorder. If your social security denied in Fort Worth TX, call today.