Getting the Services of A Personal Injury Attorney Clearwater FL

by | May 6, 2013 | Lawyer


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What is a personal injury? By definition, a personal injury is an injury affecting an individuals’ mind, body, or emotions. Based on this definition, if you believe you or someone you love may have experienced an accident resulting in personal injury, now is the time to contact a Personal Injury Attorney Clearwater FL.

Many things in life may happen without warning and there are rights we all have to ensure our protection. Personal injury attorneys have experience representing clients who genuinely believe they have a case as a result of personal injury.

Clients who may need a personal injury attorney are suffering from physical injury (neck, back, etc.), medical malpractice, wrongful death cases, injury to the brain, injury at birth, dog bites, slip and fall, nursing home abuse, negligence, workers compensation, or any accident resulting in personal injury.

Once the accident has been fully described and presented to a qualified attorney, the case will go under evaluation. At this time, the attorney will make the client aware of their individual rights as designated by the law. Keep in mind, injury cases may only be submitted in the state in which the injury occurred or where the attorney has the legal jurisdiction to practice law. This submission process is usually completed on proper documentation.

In the case a form is not desired, clients have the option to contact an attorney by phone or to request an in-person initial case consultation. Most attorneys will offer the initial visit at no charge to the client. Remember, when choosing an attorney, always clarify charges prior to hiring. This will ensure you don’t incur any unwanted, additional expenses. Attorneys also offer the convenience of being available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week all year long.

If you are in need of a Personal injury attorney in Clearwater FL, there’s several directories available online to help make your search quick and easy. You may also consult your insurance company for a list of reputable attorneys. Asking a friend is also an excellent resource to consider to ensure you are working with a fair attorney to who will represent you to the fullest extent allowed by law.