Family Lawyers Bainbridge Island WA Can Help Establish A Fair Custody Agreement

by | May 6, 2013 | Law


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There are times when marriages fail and divorce is the only option in order to allow a family to live in peace. When this happens, custody of the children can be a bit difficult to decipher. If you are in the midst of a divorce and trying to establish a custody agreement, there are a few items that you need to discuss with your Family Lawyers Bainbridge Island WA before making an agreement.

It is important to realize that a custody agreement must be kept or serious issues could arise. One parent cannot keep a child away from the other parent simply because they are irritated. If a parent attempts such an act, the police can be called and the parent that is attempting to get their child can have a report be made stating that the person was being refused visitation.

In certain jurisdictions, this only has to happen three times for the parent that is violating the custody agreement to be sighted for show cause. When this happens, both parents can go back to court with their Family Lawyers Bainbridge Island WA and the violating parent must “show cause” for not allowing their child to go on visitation. If the judge finds that the parent had just and sufficient reason for not letting the child go with the other parent, a change in the custody agreement may be made to ensure that the child is as safe as they can be at all times. If the judge finds that the person did not have sufficient reason to withhold the child, he or she may find the violating parent in contempt of the agreement and change the custody agreement to give custody to the parent who simply wanted to spend time with their child.

If you’re battling to reach a custody agreement, it is important to discuss the issue of “show cause” with your family lawyers. You want to rest assured that it will be mentioned in the agreement. If either of you does not abide by the agreement, the other can bring the person back to court and fight to have the agreement changed.