Getting Bail Bond After Previous Bail Bonding in Fort Worth, TX Has Been Revoked

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Bail Bonds


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Sometimes, even people with the best of intentions make grievous errors and troubles occur. If someone has been freed from jail on bail, they need to follow all of the rules the court has set forth or it is likely the defendant will be re-arrested and returned to jail. If this happens, it may still be possible to get additional to, but it is much harder and the defendant will be under even more rules than before. Here is more about this situation.

Finding A Bail Bondsman

If the accused has broken their promise and cost the original bail bondsman money, it is highly unlikely the bondsman will want to work with them again. However, if the infraction was a minor one, the judge may be much more lenient. If the accused flees, for instance, the reinstatement of bail is almost impossible. However, if the infraction was a court date missed due to a paperwork error or a miscommunication, it is much more likely the judge will be willing to work with the defendant.

Pay The Fees

If the court decides to let the accused out on bail again, the defendant will need to verify what kind of bail they are getting into. Some courts may allow the defendant to simply sign a promissory note declaring the defendant will make all additional court dates and follow all of the rules. Other courts may allow the defendant to pay a percentage bond on their own. This percentage is typically 10% of the bond total. However, if the defendant needs to see a bondsman again for Bail Bonding in Fort Worth TX, the defendant will need to pat the required fees for the second bond amount.

Making It Official

Once the court has decided to reinstate the bail bond, there will be certain forms needing to be signed, including forms to be sent to the prosecutor in the case. These forms will state exactly why the bond was reinstated and the exact rules to be followed to remain free.

If there are any further questions regarding reinstatement of bonds, it may be a good idea to here. They can answer all the questions being posed.