Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Racine, WI Can Protect Your Interests

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Auto Accident Attorney


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After a traumatic auto accident it really is hard to know just what to do. What most people don’t consider is the things that they shouldn’t do that could be more harmful to their situation. For the best in answering these questions as to the specifics in your accident its best to speak directly with car accident lawyers in Racine, WI, or you’ve had a auto accident prior to this recent one you’ve just experienced.

You need attorneys that have decades of combined legal experience that work as a team to provide each client with personal attention and the combined thinking strategy of all the attorneys at the firm. Most personal injury law firms handle every type of motor vehicle accident case such as cases that involve only automobiles, or cases where an auto has hit a pedestrian. Car accident lawyers in Racine, WI can also handle accidents involving motorcycles, buses, commercial trucks, or accidents that are a result of a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Getting back to what not to do after a wreck one shouldn’t speak to anyone other than the police at the time of the accident. This one fact is very important, almost as important as not signing anything related to the accident without first consulting with car accident lawyers in Racine, WI who can explain in more detail the possibilities for a victim to put themselves in a compromised situation. If the forms are from the hospital or doctor’s office as a result of the accident then there is not a problem with signing, just be sure to collect copies of all the forms that they present you with.

Unfortunately this isn’t advice everyone heeds and as a result you could lose your case, or the advantage you have going for you. And if the other drivers insurance company offers an early settlement direct, don’t take it! They only offer fast on cases that they have a chance of losing far more than the average on. Be careful as a signed contract cannot be discarded, and you cannot renegotiate later.

Its best to take advantage of the services offered by your car accident lawyers in Racine, WI and sit back and remain off the record. Do not speak directly with any insurance adjuster, which may be obvious, but be careful of unsuspecting calls from different departments at the defendants insurance company. Remember that the employees that will be calling you for any reason, no matter how harmless it seems, is still representing the other drivers interest.

Don’t’ let a corporate insurance carrier keep you from the compensation you have a right to, hire specific car accident lawyers in Racine, WI to do the work for you and protect your interests.