Getting a Lawyer to Fight your Workers Compensation Case

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Lawyer


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When a person is injured on the job, or if they become ill due to chemicals or other factors in the workplace, then they should make a report with the company human resources office immediately. Their injury needs to be documented right away, so that there is no question that their injury really happened at work. They should also seek medical attention right away, so that medical reports can be on file. When a person files a claim for workers compensation benefits they usually have to have medical reports, so this is very critical. Most companies will do what they can to make the process easy for the employee, but hiring a workers compensation lawyer PA is probably wise so that they will have an advocate who will fight for their rights to get the full compensation amount that they may be entitled to.

Workers Compensation Benefits for Specific Losses

In addition to standard workers compensation, there are also specific benefit loss payments that are available for people who have been drastically affected by certain conditions. If you have lost a limb, a bodily sense, or if you have a permanent disfigurement, then you could be eligible to receive specific loss benefits. This is usually a one-time lump sum payment that would be received on top of regular workers compensation payments. There is usually a separate claim form that will need to be filled out in order to receive this benefit.

Know Your Rights and Get an Attorney

Reputable companies will inform employees of their rights, as they are required to under the Pennsylvania state law. There are some companies who do not follow procedure, and this is why people need to hire an attorney. An attorney will ensure that things are being done properly, and that you aren’t being swindled out of compensation that you deserve. An attorney will also be fully aware of all of the rules and guidelines where workers compensation is concerned. If you process your own claim, then you may miss vital details that could harm your case against your employer.

Paying Medical Expenses under Workers Compensation Benefits

If you become hurt on the job, the workers compensation insurance coverage will pay for all of your medical expenses in addition to giving you money for wages while you are unable to work. They will cover all treatments, medications, supplies and any further medical care that you might require. You should not be out of pocket for anything, because it is your employer’s responsibility if you were hurt on the job. As long as you produce receipts or medical bills as proof, then they should pay them without any issue.