Four Warnings from Your Auto Accident Attorney Plainfield NJ Professionals

by | Jan 17, 2013 | Lawyer


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If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, it’s important to keep calm so you can make good decisions. This means that you need to remain calm immediately after the accident and for the weeks following the incident. Bad information and wrong decisions can ruin your case or chances of a fair settlement. Here are four warnings from your auto accident attorney Plainfield NJ professionals to help keep your case intact.

Don’t Trust the Adjuster
The job of the insurance adjuster is to have the best interest of the insurance company in mind. They might tell you that they are trying to get you the best settlement, but they may be simply trying to save money for their employer – the insurance company. It is possible they will use techniques designed to get information from you that they can use against you so it’s very important that you simply don’t talk to them. Instead, refer them to your auto accident attorney Plainfield NJ professional to avoid hurting your case.

Your Case is Over as Soon as You Sign a Release
The defendant’s insurance company is going to try to convince you to sign a release form following your auto accident. But once you sign that release form, your case is over. The insurance company will likely put some clause in the release form that disqualifies you from receiving any monetary compensation for your accident. That’s why you should never sign anything without taking it to your attorney first to look it over.

Missing the Filing Deadline is Detrimental
One of the best things about hiring an auto accident attorney in Plainfield NJ is that they will keep track of the deadlines that you need to follow. If you don’t file your claim by a certain day, you might lose the chance at fighting your case. The statute of limitations is different depending on where you live. Some states allow up to two years to file your auto accident claim. Other states only allow 60 days to file your claim. Your attorney can make sure your claim gets filed in time.

Get Your Injuries Documented
If you want to file a claim after an auto accident, you need to prove that you suffered from injuries. That means going to the doctor immediately after the accident and getting documentation. If the paramedics show up at the scene of the accident, you should also get medical treatment from them. This will help show that your injuries resulted from the accident.

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