Finding Disability Lawyers in Oklahoma City, OK

by | Feb 22, 2017 | General


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Applying for social security disability is not easy. In fact, many applicants are unaware how the process works. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has basic eligibility requirements. For example, the disabling condition must be expected to last for a year or result in death. In addition, benefits must have been paid into social security. There are those who never worked or paid into the system. These individuals are eligible for disability under SSI, a joint program of the federal government and the state. Cases involving mental health are among the most difficult to win.

SSA has a list of impairments that are considered severe. Applicants with those conditions may automatically be approved. Mental health conditions on the list include organic illnesses like Alzheimer’s. Likewise, personality disorders are on the list. Whatever the condition, there are additional requirements. This is one reason applicants need to hire disability lawyers in Oklahoma City, OK. One needs help to navigate the application process.

Imagine, an applicant suffers from schizophrenia (which is on the list). In addition, the applicant must have specific symptoms including disorganized behavior and illogical thinking. If the listing requirements are not met, the disability lawyers in Oklahoma City, OK step in. They know SSA must evaluate the applicant’s mental residual functional capacity (MRFC.) The lawyer will ask the treating physician to complete a MRFC form and submit it to SSA. If the applicant is denied, the lawyer has 60 days to appeal. The first level of appeal is a Request fFor Reconsideration. During this appeal, the case review team takes another look at the application. Members of the team must not have worked on the initial claim.

If the claim is denied again, the lawyer files for a hearing. The hearing is held before an Administrative Law Judge who decides the claim. The applicant may testify along with the SSA’s witnesses. The agency usually has a vocational expert testify. The expert testifies whether or not the applicant is able to find work. Furthermore, the lawyer is able to challenge the expert’s testimony. Many applicants get approved after the judge hears from them. If you need help with a claim, visit

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