Finding a Real Estate Attorney Redding CA

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Real Estate Law


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When looking for an excellent Real Estate Attorney Redding CA you should find a good one who is experienced with the type of real estate needs that yourself or your company may be needing.

One of the best ways is to ask other business associates or companies who have used this company in the past for any real estate needs or legal matters that may have came up.

One you have located a good agency always be sure to ask for a free consult. Once you have set this date up, do not forget it as attorneys may look down on someone having to reschedule many times as it can look unprofessional and it will not help the case that you may have.

When you get to the real estate office always have a pen and paper ready to jot down any questions or thoughts that you may have. When you go in have all paper proof of anything that you may be stating so the attorney can see it on written paper instead of just word of mouth. Word of mouth doesn’t typically pass in court for being the best type of “proof”. Instead you should bring any contract, deeds that have been signed, real estate contracts, banking documents that may prove an exchange of money or any promissory notes that have been signed by either party who is participating in this legal matter.

Be sure that you find out what type of fees the attorney charges and to whom. Is it hourly or is it a set fee. Will he still charge you even if you were to lose your suit against the other party? Many attorneys will take you on if confident of your case by simply charging once you win the case. This is probably the best deal to choose all the way around.

Once you have hired a Real Estate Attorney Redding CA always be sure to be prompt and a few minuets ahead of time as this will appear more professional to not only your attorney but also to the judge or any jury that may be the main deciding factor of your case.