Filing For Bankruptcy In Virginia

by | Mar 11, 2014 | General


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When a time comes when you need to file in Virginia for bankruptcy, an attorney in Fairfax, VA can help with more than just the paperwork. Filing for bankruptcy in this state requires knowledge of the specific application of the 2005 Bankruptcy Act as it applies to Virginia. It means the debtor must be aware of what papers, documents and information he or she must file in order to qualify.

It’s Always about Submitting the Right Paperwork

If you plan to file for bankruptcy, make sure you are prepared. Compile the right paperwork together indicating the specifics required to obtain consideration for eligibility. You will be expected to include specific items common to all government submissions. These will include some form of picture identification. This is usually a driver’s license although a passport can be used when an individual does not have one.

Yet, filing and preparing to file a bankruptcy requires more than mere identification. Among the necessary paperwork are the following items:

  • Credit Counseling Course: proof of attendance and successful completion 6 months prior to filing for a Virginia bankruptcy
  • Monthly and yearly income: The court will request proof of current employment and income. It may also demand of income dating back 6 months before your filing. It can demand several years of proof of your income including pay stubs.
  • Income Changes: You will need to provide any assertions and proof that your income will change during the coming months or years
  • Bank Accounts: It is essential to submit the records/statements of all your bank accounts. This must include individual, retirement and educational
  • Income Tax Returns: In addition to your most recent, you will be required to provide returns as far back as 4 years ago

The procedure to establish eligibility and obtain bankruptcy, whether for Chapter 7 or 13, is not a simple one. It may be in your best interests to at least consult a bankruptcy attorney. In Fairfax, VA, this will help to ensure you at least provide the individuals with the right paperwork.

Before Reaching Settlement

Before you settle a bankruptcy case, it is essential you provide further evidence of your new found fiscal responsibility. It is imperative you supply the court and/or trustee with evidence you have taken and completed a course in debtor education.

While you may not under Virginia law, be required to hire a lawyer, it will prove beneficial to do so. A bankruptcy attorney in Fairfax, VA will be able to help you sort through the paperwork. He or she can advise you about and guide you through what can be a complex process.