Filing a Lawsuit with a Car Accident Lawyer Tucson, AZ

The difficulties of recovering from a car accident will involve financial recovery. The more serious your injury is, the greater the financial loss. This makes it important to work with a car accident lawyer Centralia, IL area to assist in filing legal action.

Filing the Lawsuit

The plaintiff is responsible for the filing the lawsuit and must list the charge and allegations against the defendant. This will require meeting with the car accident lawyer in Centralia, IL and discussing the case. It is important for any charges filed to consist of actual laws that have been broken.

By disclosing the full details of the accident to the attorney, this will assist in working to present a strong lawsuit and case. The car accident lawyer in Centralia, IL will inform the plaintiff if the case is strong when filing the lawsuit.

The Defendant’s Role

The defendant is required to respond to the lawsuit within 30 days. This should provide responses to all of the charges made individually.

If the defendant is unable to respond within this timeframe, an extension should be filed with the court and this will allow for 30 more days.

The Discovery Process

The details of the accident must be evaluated and discussed between the disputing parties. This requires for the discovery process to be completed. This will allow for a number of exchanges to occur between the plaintiff and defendant to learn all the details of the case.

There are four parts to the discovery process and these include written interrogatories, the deposition, the requests for admissions and the request for production documents. As the party involved in the lawsuit, it is important to provide thorough responses when served these documents.

The Mediation

It is possible for a case to settle outside of the courtroom and this is the desire of the court. The court mandates the mediation and this requires the plaintiff and defendant to attend and work to end the dispute. A mediator will work to assist in this process.

Finally, by retaining a car accident lawyer in Centralia, IL area like Olson and Reeves, Attorneys at Law, this will assist you recovering your losses.

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