FAQs That Drunk Driving Accident Injury Attorney In Waukee, IA Can Answer

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Accident Attorney


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In Maryland, accidents that involve a drunk driver can have devastating effects as they are more likely to produce a fatality. Drivers who make the choice to drive while intoxicated are punished through criminal court proceedings; however, victims or their families can file a civil claim against these accountable drivers. Drunk driving accident injury attorney in Waukee, IA can provide answers for frequently asked questions.

Is It Possible for a Drunk Driver to be Charged with Vehicular Homicide?

Yes, it is possible for the drunk driver to be charged with vehicular homicide if they cause an accident. The criminal court must determine that the driver’s intent was to cause bodily harm to the victim in these cases. If intent cannot be proven, it is possible for the driver to be charged with involuntary vehicular manslaughter instead.

Does a Higher Blood-Alcohol Content Reading Affect These Cases?

Yes, a higher blood-alcohol content reading presents an aggravated DUI charge for the driver, and this reading present vital evidence if a minor who was in the vehicle with the driver dies. Unless the driver can prove that they were involuntarily intoxicated, they will be held accountable for the accident and the injuries produced if they are the at-fault driver.

What if the Drunk Driver Didn’t Cause the Accident?

If the drunk driver didn’t cause the accident, they could be among the victims identified in the accident. If this is the case, the drunk driver is less likely to receive a monetary award for their losses due to this moving violation. The percentage applied through comparative fault would be considerably higher for a DUI.

How Can the Victim Recover Their Financial Losses?

The victims can recover their financial losses through a legal claim or by filing a claim through the accountable driver’s insurance policy. Typically, they receive a settlement for their medical payments, auto repair expenses, and lost wages.

In Waukee, IA auto accidents that were caused by drunk drivers could present cases in the criminal and civil court. It is in these cases that the court determines the exact fault of the drunk driver and provides the opportunity for victims to acquire compensation. Victims of these accidents contact drunk driving accident lawyers in Waukee, IA by visiting Business Name today.