Evaluating a Claim with a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Alton, IL

by | May 18, 2018 | Lawyer


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In Illinois, workers’ compensation is provided when employees sustain on-the-job injuries. The accidents must be reported promptly, and supervisors must complete the claim according to local laws. The employer must comply with the laws and offer coverage as outlined in the policy. A workers’ comp attorney in Alton, IL helps workers when they are denied coverage.

Common Deadlines Associated With the Claim

The deadline for reporting the injuries to a supervisor is one month. Once the employee visits a doctor, the medical report must be submitted within ten days. The insurer must complete the claim and evaluate the worker’s injuries. If denied, the worker has two years to file a legal claim.

What Benefits Are Provided After a Successful Claim?

If approved, the worker receives full coverage for all their medical requirements. If the worker must undergo a long recovery, the insurance provides them with monetary benefits which are roughly ninety percent of the worker’s wages.

What Issues Could Arise?

Workers must comply with all company policies that could prevent an accident. All injured workers are sent to an ER or urgent care facility. The first of the tests that are conducted include a drug and alcohol assessment. If the worker fails the test, they are disqualified for workers’ compensation. If the worker failed to comply with safety policies, the insurer would also deny the claim.

Can the Worker File a Claim?

If the worker has a viable claim, an attorney helps them start a lawsuit. The claim must show that the employer is liable for the worker’s injuries. Workers’ compensation coverage is available when the employer is responsible. If the condition wasn’t the employer’s responsibility, the worker wouldn’t have a viable claim against their employer or the insurance provider.

In Illinois, workers’ compensation is provided for all injured workers. However, the policies require the victim’s injuries to meet specific terms before coverage is offered. The conditions include compliance with company policies such as drug and alcohol or safety policies. A claim’s adjuster defines whether or not the worker qualifies. Workers who need legal help can contact a workers’ comp attorney in Alton, IL or learn more about us now.