DUI Easton PA: Legal Drug Use Can Lead To A DUI

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Lawyers


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Most of the time when a person gets charged with a DUI Easton PA it is because they used alcohol or some kind of illegal drugs. However, it is possible for the use of legal drugs, both prescription and over the counter, to get you arrested for a DUI as well. This is why it is so important for you to read the label of any medication before you take it.

Imagine the mother of two beautiful children getting ready for work. She takes a pill every night before bed because she has hay fever allergies. She also takes an antidepressant. Both of these medications have been known to cause drowsiness. Both of these medications also contain a warning label that an individual should not operate a vehicle or any machines after they take them. Not feeling too well, the mom decided to pop a morning dose of her pills.

The mother kisses both of her children goodbye and heads out the door to work. While she is driving she does not see a stop sign and slams right into oncoming traffic. When a police officer gets to the scene the mother apologizes and claims that she does not know what happened. Then, she says that the new medication she is on must have had something to do with it. Despite the fact that this woman never intended to cause anyone any harm, she just admitted to a DUI Easton PA. She could be arrested and face criminal charges for something that was an honest mistake and really just an accident on her part.

Naturally, a woman in this situation would want to reach out to a DUI attorney as soon as possible. A reputable DUI attorney should be able to use her story to get her a light sentence if not getting her case dropped altogether. She is a responsible mother, raising two children, and she was just taking some medication because she didn’t feel good. If this mother would have taken a few extra minutes to read the label on the side of her medication she would have known that she couldn’t drive after taking it.