Do You Need The Assistance Of An Immigration Lawyer?

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Lawyer


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There is no requirement that says you must be represented by an immigration lawyer when you are applying for a US green card or immigrant visa. If your situation is straight forward and you have no impediments on your record you may be able to get what it is you want by doing the work yourself. However, there are many situations where proceeding without the assistance of an immigration lawyer in Chicago IL could very well be detrimental to your case. If you have anything in your background that is the least bit dubious, rather than risk denial it is always best to consult with a seasoned lawyer.

Immigration law is extremely complicated and in today’s world the rules are changing rapidly. The following are but a few situations where an immigration lawyer is a must.

Lack confidence in your ability to deal with the paperwork:

Anything to do with US Immigration is burdened with forms and paperwork; even the simplest applications require a tremendous amount of supporting documentation. The forms must be completed in accord with complex instructions. Many people that have made even a simple error have found their applications returned or in the worst case, rejected out of hand.

An immigration lawyer in Chicago IL is intimate with all the paperwork, he or she has dealt with it and the people behind it countless times. Specialist lawyers know what to expect and are well prepared to deal with cases in an efficient and expeditious manner.

You have been advised you are inadmissible:

This is the most common problem encountered by those trying to gain entry into the US. Perhaps you at one time committed a crime or you provided the authorities with false information. If you know that your past may be an impediment, you must seek the advice and assistance of an immigration lawyer.

Never rely on any advice or direction given by an immigration official. These people take no responsibility if they give you unsound advice. Always place your trust in an immigration lawyer.

If you are experiencing difficulties in preparing your application for US immigration or your application has been returned or rejected, you are well advised to hire an immigration lawyer in Chicago IL. You are invited to discuss your case with Din Law, LLC.