Do You Need A Lawyer For Divorce Paragould ?

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Lawyers


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If you are facing a Divorce Paragould, you might be asking yourself if you can manage the whole thing without a lawyer. There isn’t actually a simple answer for that, because it definitely depends upon the specific details of your situation. Although every case is not identical, there are still certain times when it is pretty clear cut that an attorney is going to be essential. If you are in any of the situations talked about here, you should at least consider calling a lawyer for help soon.

The first situation that will almost always call for a divorce attorney is disagreement about the divorce. If you and your spouse are fighting constantly, and if you don’t both feel strongly that divorce is the only logical option, you will probably need some help to make it happen. No matter how much one person may want the divorce, if the other person does not it can become a very long and drawn out battle. One spouse could try to disprove any grounds that the other spouse lists on the divorce papers. Without grounds for divorce, you will stall before getting to court. Even if you do reach court, a spouse who does not want the divorce to go through, for whatever reason, can cause considerable delays and could even get the divorce denied by the courts. Your lawyer can determine the ideal way to handle anything that your spouse or their lawyer tries to throw at you. Visit the site for complete info.

Another time that you will need help with your Divorce Paragould is when you and your spouse can’t agree on assets and their division. You and your spouse may have a number of assets that qualify as joint spousal holdings, and this is also true of much of your debt. Quite often, two people involved in a divorce simply can’t agree on who is entitled to what. This situation becomes even tougher when there is alimony or child support involved. Your lawyer can come up with a reasonable plan for the asset and debt division, one that your spouse will agree to without wasting a huge amount of time and money. To get help with a divorce in the Paragould area, consider calling the OMG Law Firm today!