A Business Lawyer in Salina KS can Help you File Articles of Incorporation

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Lawyers


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Articles of incorporation are a charter that officially establishes a business’ existence, and they offer certain information about the business. These articles are filed with state agencies handling business registration, and once they are approved, the business is an official entity.

What’s in the Articles?

No matter what kind of business you run, your state requires that the articles contain at least the following basic information:

     *     The business’ address and name

     *     The purpose of the business (this language is often broad, to avoid limitations on potential operations)

     *     The address and name of the business’ registered agent, who can accept legal documents on its behalf

     *     Stock info, including the number of shares to be distributed, and the values of each of those shares

A business’ articles of incorporation usually list its incorporators, or the people who start the process and sign the articles before filing with the appropriate state agency. If your business’ articles of incorporation list corporate directors, those people may have to sign the documents before filing with the Secretary of State’s office.

Drafting and Submitting the Articles

Whether you hire a Business Lawyer in Salina KS or write up the document yourself, your articles of incorporation don’t have to be complex. If you create them on your own, they will be accepted if they contain the information listed above. It is not necessary to create these articles from scratch; most Secretary of State websites have forms that you and your agent can fill out and submit quickly.

Filing & Costs

Once your articles are completed and signed, you can file them with the correct agency in your state. There’s a filing fee of $35-$300, depending on your location. In some places, non-profit corporations pay lower filing fees. For instance, in California, it costs $100 to file articles for a traditional corporation, while non-profit organizations only pay $30.

Getting Help with Articles of Incorporation

Creating and filing articles of incorporation for your business is an important step in ensuring its future success. To ensure that you comply with the law during the process, it may be wise to consult a Business Lawyer in Salina KS. For more information on filing articles for your business, Visit Hampton & Royce L.C. Law Offices.