Debunking the Myths Surrounding Ct Divorce Laws

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Law


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The duration during a divorce is one of the most tumultuous a parent can ever under go. It is not only confusing but outright traumatic if not overwhelming. With a divorce attorney, you can make this process more bearable. If you are in Connecticut understanding Ct divorce laws is the first step in ensuring this process is not stressful to a appoint of a psychological breakdown.

When you talk to your divorce attorney about your intention to file a divorce, the first question will always be residency requirement. According to the Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 44, this is not a great concern if you are not planning to move out of the state any time soon. There are some guidelines on how long you need to have been domiciled in the state for your case to be admissible before a superior court.

However, these technical aspects of Ct divorce laws need not overly concern you. With a qualified and experienced divorce attorney by your side, this will be a walk in the park. What comes after ensuring you meet residency requirements for the sake of jurisdiction is more critical. This is where your attorney will guide you on the Connecticut grounds of granting a divorce.

Firstly, a decree of legal separation or dissolution of marriage is based on either no-fault or fault-based grounds. No-fault basis include total breakdown of your marriage, if you have lived separately for over 18 months.

Fault-based grounds in divorce laws on the other hand include fraud, mental illness, adultery, and wilful desertion for one year, mental and verbal cruelty among others. You attorney will again be instrumental in helping you understand how to file your case and how to proceed in order to avoid messy divorce proceedings.

Under the Ct divorce laws you can also file for an uncontested divorce. If you are filing the divorce papers, you are the plaintiff while your spouse becomes the defendant. You also have the benefit of filing proof of breakdown if again you do not want complex divorce issues. If you can prove through your lawyers that your marriage is irretrievably broken, you can enjoy a simplified divorce procedure.

Other pertinent issues within the divorce laws include property division, child support and custody, military divorce issues, grandmother’s rights, premarital and prenuptial agreements to mention but a few. In all these, there are myriad issues which need clarification and your attorney will be at hand to provide the essential guidelines.

If you are like many couples, you might be asking how you can go around the Ct divorce laws and ensure a speedy settlement. There is no way around it; choose a great divorce attorney, educate yourself on germane issues regarding divorce laws, participate actively in your case but most importantly, focus on the best interests for your family.

It is always important to remain focused during a divorce for the sake of your family. Any rash decision can affect you all negatively and as such, information is power so.