Contacing A False Claims Act Attorney To Expose Government Fraud

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Attorney


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A false claims act attorney assists you in exposing anyone who files an unlawful claim to acquire government funds. Through the False Claims Act, anyone who presents evidence of another individual or company who is attempting to defraud the government may obtain a portion of these funds. The manner in which this process works is that an investigation is launched to determine whether the claim is false.

When the findings indicate that the individual lied to defraud the government for financial gains, charges are filed against this individual. The party that exposes this individual may receive a portion of the total amount of funds retrieved from the government due to fraud. To expose a false claim, contact the Law Office of McMoran, O’Connor, and Bramley.

Exposing Fraud

To expose fraudulent behaviors you should contact an attorney immediately. At any time that you have evidence that an individual or business have filed a false claim to obtain government funds you should come forward with evidence. Within these cases, if you do not come forward, it is possible that you will additionally become a defendant in a federal fraud case.

Local Attorney

The Law Offices of McMoran, O’Connor, and Bramley present you with legal representation when you report unlawful actions. This includes exposing false claims filed through government agencies in an attempt to commit fraud. If you have evidence of government fraud, it is urgent that you present these facts to an attorney. These attorneys within this law firm can assist you with these goals and file a report to launch an investigation. To speak to an attorney contact the Law Offices of McMoran, O’Connor, and Bramley.


Your false claims act attorney assist you with exposing unlawful acts such as defrauding the government. Claims in which another individual has attempted to receive funds in an attempt of financial gains without just reason is considered a false claim. If you have evidence of this action, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney to expose these actions. Your attorney will file a report with the correct agencies on your behalf. If sufficient evidence is presented these agencies will launch an investigation. To begin this process contact the Law Offices of McMoran, O’Connor, and Bramley.