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by | Dec 31, 2019 | Attorney


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Many people are unaware that there are options other than having a legal case play out in a courtroom. In litigation situations such as divorce, property issues and custody disputes, a process called mediation is often a better solution. Mediation avoids the stress of a courtroom setting and allows both parties to talk about and agree upon acceptable terms.

Mediation Versus Traditional Litigation

Litigation occurs in a courtroom with a judge and, sometimes, a jury. This can be an intimidating and, often, a stressful scenario. Mediation happens in a neutral environment, usually a regular office suite within an ordinary office building. The individuals or companies involved in the dispute are represented by their own attorneys. Each side is normally placed within their own office, so the process can be much less contentious. During the actual mediation meeting a third-party mediator, much like a referee, goes between the disputing parties to help them come to a compromise that both sides find agreeable.

Selecting Mediation Over Litigation

As with any legal issue, knowledgeable and experienced legal representation can make a difference to the outcome of the case. The first step for anyone involved in any kind of litigation is to contact an attorney to review the options available. A litigation attorney Mankato MN is available to help answer your questions about mediation and to help guide you through the process.

Answers to Your Mediation Questions

If you should find yourself involved in a legal process that has become overly stressful or prickly, Blazt Law Office offers free consultations where mediation and litigation options can be discussed confidentially. Call 507-934-2556 for an appointment.

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