Choose An Experienced Divorce Attorney In Charleston SC By Their Track Record

If you are considering hiring a divorce attorney in Charleston SC, then one of the first things you may notice is the stature of their offices. Even modest offices are well decorated in manly browns and heavy wood furniture and tables. Everyone from the receptionist to the attorney himself is dressed in the finest suits and clothing. You may think that this will be a very impressive office to give your business. You will be satisfied that this attorney will present an imposing presence at your settlement talks.

However, it is important to understand that the trappings of your divorce attorney in Charleston SC are not just meant to impress you opponents, they are also designed to impress you. Of course, they want to create the right impression so that you will be motivated to hire them. However, they are also creating the atmosphere that is meant to convey their credentials to you. They display the books they have read (so many books), the degrees they have received, and often pictures of them with their favorite clients. This is rightly meant to express their experience and competence.

While all of this is a good thing, it often tempts potential clients to accept those credentials and move ahead without doing their homework. Some clients are intimidated more than impressed. Although they would love to ask their intended choice of divorce lawyer in Charleston SC for a little more information about their experience, they feel that this would be tantamount to tugging on Superman’s cape. This would be a mistake.

Of course, grilling your potential divorce attorney in Charleston SC is probably the wrong approach. In many cities, lawyers have plenty of clients and do not need to accept a truculent person. In addition, lawyers are men and women of power by nature of their jobs, and it would be problematic to show disrespect for their experience and training.

However, a calm discussion of their experience is completely appropriate. Give your potential lawyer a chance to sell himself to you a little. After all, you are entrusting him with a very important part of your life. Even though it may involve a lot of work on your part, it is better to pass on a lawyer that does not leave you satisfied, and work to find another. This will save you even greater regret in the future. For more information visit Phipps Law Firm.

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