Building A Viable Case With A Wrongful Death Lawyer In Boston, MA

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Attorney


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Massachusetts families have the legal right to demand their day in court after a fatality. The sole basis of a wrongful death lawsuit is to prove that the victim died due to circumstances that were avoidable. The course of action followed by the responsible party defines these circumstances. The evidence cooperates how this individual could have prevented the victim’s death. A Wrongful Death Lawyer Boston MA helps these families fight these battles.

Examining the Circumstances

Wrongful death cases aren’t always simple. For instance, a case in which DUI was the cause of a car accident doesn’t deem the driver at fault alone. In these cases, the judge considers the age of the driver. If they are under age, the court must determine who provided alcohol for this driver as they contributed to this cause. If another party purchased the alcohol, they are also included as a defendant. The attorney must review all angles to get a clear picture of the case and identify all accountable parties.

Identifying Clear Evidence

The evidence must paint a clear picture of these events. In the above mentioned example, the attorney would need the surveillance footage inside the establishment that sold the alcohol. They would need a time and date stamp to conclude that the alcohol was purchased the day of the accident. They need physical evidence and testimony from law enforcement that places the driver behind the wheel during the accident. Lastly, they would need the breathalyzer and blood testing results showing the blood alcohol reading.

Presenting the Case in Court

In court, the attorney must convince the judge and a jury that the defendant is responsible for the death. They must build a viable case to represent the facts in a persuading manner. Since the attorneys must build such a strong case, clients PAY NO FEES unless you win your case.

Massachusetts families receive a fighting chance when filing a wrongful death lawsuit. These actions hold the responsible individual accountable for the fatality in question. The process is complex and requires careful attention to detail. Families who need assistance should hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer Boston MA to help them today.

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