Avoid Trying To Collect Child Support in Dayton, OH Without an Attorney

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Lawyer


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Even the most amicable of divorces can start to go wrong when it comes to visitation with the kids and Child Support in Dayton Oh. Possessions may not matter much but the kids, but the money needed to take care of them, and the amount of time spent with them, can create a struggle that neither side can contain. This is one of the main reasons families look to lawyers to help them make the transition into divorce.

A child support agreement is often arranged by both parents and their lawyers. Because there are specific laws in place that determine how the support will work, it is important to have a local lawyer in charge. From there, negotiations often follow but, at the very least, there are two professionals looking to sort out the details, creating space between the couple. This professional relationship with a lawyer could also be helpful in the future should one of the clients want to modify the child support or custody arrangement.

Unfortunately, there are times when a spouse isn’t doing his or her share and withholds child support. When this happens, it can be tempting to try to handle the situation alone. A friendly reminder by phone or email can seem courteous and necessary but, in reality, it could just throw fuel onto an already intense flame. Instead, it is important to allow a lawyer to get involved and take over the communication as well as the process that will follow.

Child Support in Dayton Oh, can be tricky because it encompasses the exchanging of money with the children in the middle. Trying to go into battle over child support without legal council can create real problems for everyone involved, including the kids. If conversations are happening in front of the kids or one parent is showing exasperation with the other, it creates tension within each of the homes. Instead of allowing this to negatively affect the kids, it makes sense to allow a legal team to track down the deserved support.

Some parents rely on child support to give their children everything they need to succeed. Whether an agreement is currently in process or the other party is not keeping up to date with the support, contact a family lawyer for more information and assistance.