Addressing Nursing Home Neglect in Greenbelt Maryland legally

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Lawyers


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It is difficult to make the decision to place someone we care about in a nursing home. Whether it is a friend, spouse, parent or other family member, it is never decision taken lightly. In Maryland, certified nursing facilities housed some 24,432 individuals in 2011. In Greenbelt, Maryland, there are more than 30 variations of residential living for seniors within a 20 mile radius. Yet, while they often offer the best care possible, some fail to do so. Nursing home neglect in Greenbelt is as much a problem as it is elsewhere in the state.

Types of Nursing Homes

Today’s nursing homes come in an array of types with different names. They include:

* Senior apartments

* Independent living facilities

* Retirement communities

* Long term care facilities

* Traditional nursing homes

The expenses for living in these places vary as does the extent of the care – in every sense of the word. The lack of services, the overstretching of resources and the training or amount of staff can result in some instances in instances of nursing home neglect.

Common Types of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is not a simple or even singular issue. It comes in different forms. Common types of elder abuse you may notice may be:

* Abandonment – left alone and without care

* Extortion – lack of money or removal of treasured items or sudden requests concerning their finances

* Neglect – perhaps the presence of bed sores

* Physical Abuse – signs of unusual and unexplained bruises and other markings

* Psychological and Emotional Abuse

* Sexual Abuse – presence of a sexually transmitted disease (STD)

Talk to the nursing home resident. Speak to the staff. If the incidences continue or you are not satisfied with the answers you are receiving, get in touch with a lawyer. The facility and its staff cannot ignore their responsibilities to those who are in their care.

Talk to an Attorney

The elderly are vulnerable. Whether they are living in a retirement residence or nursing home, neglect can occur. This is not how it should be. The elderly deserve better. Find a lawyer who specializes in nursing care neglect. In Greenbelt, an experienced professional will listen carefully then take action to ensure your elderly relative or friend, and all those residing in the home, are safe from ongoing abuse and neglect. The law will hold those found guilty accountable for their actions. For more information, visit the website.