A Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Henderson, Nevada, Helps You Claim Your Benefits

by | Mar 15, 2014 | Lawyers


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Being injured on the job invokes a type of insurance known as worker’s compensation. This insurance is mandated by law in order to protect everyone who is involved in the workplace. Essentially the employee trades in the right to sue their employer in exchange for having insurance that covers their bills after an accident. When an accident happens and worker’s compensation is invoked, it starts a process that can become difficult at times.

Insurance companies can be recalcitrant in paying out benefits and find ways to stall the claim. Tactics can be constantly sending you to physicians for evaluations, or referring you to a physician who is known to be partial to the insurer, making excuses to not pay, and nitpicking over your claim. None of this is to your favor, and it makes getting proper compensation difficult. One thing that is certain is the fact the insurance company has lawyers helping it make these denials. An injured party can level the playing field by retaining a worker’s compensation attorney in Henderson, Nevada.

Retaining a lawyer sends a signal to the insurer that the injured party is serious about the claim and is not going to be turned away easily. Once the insurer is aware that the injured party has retained legal counsel, the claims tend to progress a little more smoothly. The insurer knows that there will be little tolerance for messing around with the claim and is more likely to cooperate. Essentially a lawyer is piece of mind in the form of an advocate that works to get his client’s needs seen to.

Some types of accidents may have what is known as a third party, such as a manufacturer of a machine that proved to be defective. It may be possible to sue the manufacturer to recover damages due to the faulty equipment being the cause of an accident. Making this determination is best left up to a worker’s compensation attorney in Henderson, Nevada. But it’s a possibility that can be investigated as a way to cover gaps left by the insurance.

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