How Much Does a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Casa Grande, AZ Charge?

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Lawyers


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Most people know that hiring an attorney to help them with a vehicle accident claim is beneficial. However, many of them hesitate to hire one because they’re not sure how much they willl be charged when they hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Casa Grande, AZ and whether they can afford the fee. Here is some basic information on attorney’s fees and what you can do to make hiring an attorney more affordable.

The first thing to understand is there are no official standard for attorney’s fees. Lawyers are free to charge however much they want for their services. However, you can expect that experienced lawyers will typically charge more than recent graduates just entering the field. While you definitely want someone with the experience and knowledge necessary to help you prevail in your case, you can save money on attorney’s fees by hiring someone who’s a little green. If the person works at an established law firm, they will typically have a more experienced lawyer mentoring or supervising them to make sure they do their jobs well.

A Motorcycle Injury Attorney may charge for his services in one of two ways: hourly or by the case. Hourly billing is just like it sounds. The attorney will send you a bill based on the number of hours he worked on your case. So if the lawyer spend 10 hours resolving your legal issue, that’s all you have to pay for. On the other hand, attorneys that bill by the case will charge one flat fee to litigate the entire case. For example, a lawyer may charge $1,200 to litigate cases involving pedestrian accidents.

There are benefits and disadvantages to each type of billing system. Hourly billing ensures you only pay for what you use. However, it can get expensive if the case goes on for a long period of time. Case billing mitigates this, but you may end up overpaying if the case is resolved quickly. An experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney will usually be able to tell you how long it will take to resolve your case, which can help you determine which payment option saves you the most money. Click here