A Divorce Attorney in Las Vegas NV: Divorce Procedure

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Divorce Lawyer


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Many people get married with the hope of a blissful happily ever after. Unfortunately, there are times that irreconcilable differences come up. If you and your spouse have reached this point, getting a divorce might be the best choice for everyone. It is however important to understand the legal process followed when filing for divorce. When you hire a Divorce Attorney In Las Vegas NV, you will get assistance with the following steps.

Filing the petition

The one filing for divorce is called a petitioner. The petitioner, with the help of his divorce attorney, will have to file a petition that will suspend his marriage. After the petition form is filled, it is filed by the family law clerk of court who then puts it together with the summons, stamps them then gives you your copy while another copy is given to the necessary authority to have it taken to your partner.

Getting a response to the petition

Your partner, who in this case is the respondent, is given a number of days to file a response to the petition. He may disagree with the petition and instead file a dismissal motion, or he can go ahead an answer the petition that is known as a responsive pleading.

Gathering personal records

All information about your assets and liabilities are gathered. This is the most sensitive stage because most people tend to hide some details of their assets and properties, but it is against the law. Everything should be put in the open. At this stage, a financial affidavit that shows your income, expenses, assets and liabilities are filed in the courts.

Marriage counseling

The court then gives the couple a chance to try and work things out. The two must attend the mediation. Whether they agree or disagree in the mediation, the trial will conclude everything.

The trial

During the trial, the judge shall make the final decision. If there are children, the court will decide about their custody and visitation privileges.

Knowing the above process will let you know what you are about to go through, and it will help you avoid mistakes.