You may sign your rights away if you don’t understand them!

by | May 18, 2012 | Lawyer


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Have you been involved in a car accident? Are you being “strongly advised” by opposing insurance adjusters to act quickly and sign a “sweetheart deal” for compensation? Have you sought legal counsel of your own? If you find yourself in such situations, the best thing you can do after you have sought medical attention is to contact the best car accident lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA.

Opposing counsel and insurance adjusters have one interest in mind – their own! So when they tout a “sweet heart deal”, it’s likely true. The only problem might be that it’s a steal of a deal for them. Hence the pressure for you to sign off quickly, before you’ve had your car accident lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA review the terms. Some key things to remember when you are in an accident are highlighted below.

Firstly, soon after the accident and even before you think about which car accident lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA to engage to represent you, you should be focusing on getting prompt medical attention. It is during this stage that you are the most vulnerable so even decisions like “Which lawyer to hire” should be secondary. Once you have received emergency medical attention, you can commence your fight for your just compensation.

The next thing to do should be to review your options for legal representation. Look for a car accident lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA who has been listed in Virginia Super Lawyers and the Best Lawyers in America because of their stellar performance in the past. Lawyers who have sought and secured million dollar plus settlements for their clients should be foremost on your list.

A car accident lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA that has broad experience in other matters, including negligence, personal injury, medical malpractice, lawyer malpractice, product liability and wrongful death will be able to more vigorously represent you than one that has lesser experience.

Next, the most crucial service you would be doing yourself is to never give a statement of facts to any agent, whether legal or insurance representative, representing the other driver unless you have hired a car accident lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA. Often times, shrewd opposing representation might trick you into making statements that can subsequently be used to deny you your rightful claims for compensation.

Also, as any good car accident lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA will advise you, never apologize for the accident nor admit to any fault in causing it. Shrewd agents working for the other party can easily misrepresent your words under stress and turn them into an admission of guilt, thereby denying you a just claim.

Finally, unless your car accident lawyer in Spotsylvania, VA has advised it, do not sign any “open consent” forms for opposing agents to examine all of your medical records. Such access must be limited only to injuries sustained in the accident.


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