Why You Should Hire an SSDI Lawyer in Downers Grove

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Law


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You can hire a reputable lawyer to assist you with your Social Security Disability claim at any stage of your application. However, the most vital stage where you must have a legal representation is when you are to appear before a judge in a court house.

Filing for a legitimate disability claim is more complex than you can possibly imagine. It is always advisable you hire a good SSDI Lawyer in Downers Grove to help you with your claim. A Social Security Disability attorney will help you with all the paperwork and documentation involved when filing for your claim. Some of the major documents required during filing.

*    A lengthy and involved Disability Claim Application Form

*    Pertinent medical records

*    Work history

*    Tax filings

*    Financial information

If you filed the claim on your own but it was unfortunately denied, as it is the case in about 70 percent of cases, your disability attorney will help you file an appeal. They will make sure that all the forms and documents are prepared properly and submitted to the right channels so that they are not lost somewhere during the review process.

A qualified disability lawyer has a deep knowledge of federal and state Social Security Disability laws. They know exactly what kind of information is required to prove the seriousness of your medical impairment. They can liaise with doctors to make sure they correctly indicate your health condition to best illustrate your inability to work. In case they realize that your doctor is not willing to help you, they will refer you to another physician who can be more supportive to your claim.

Once they have gathered all the necessary documents, they will then organize them for presentation before the judge. They will use their knowledge and experience to come up with a unique strategy of presenting the case in such that you will have higher chances of qualifying for the benefits.

There are many lawyers who claim to offer you the best representation with your disability claim. However, it is important you consider some factors such as qualifications, experience, commitment and fees before settling on one