Why You Should Hire a Social Security Benefits Lawyer, Find One in Buena Park

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Law


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If you can no longer work because you have become disabled, you’re likely scared and worried about your future. Residents in Buena Park don’t have to suffer or go through it alone. You can and probably should hire a social security benefits lawyer in Buena Park to help you with your case. While some people believe they must wait until they’ve filed the initial claim, you can request legal counsel before even filling out the application. Doing so may give you a better chance of winning, but nothing in life is guaranteed.


Many times, SSD claims are denied because of a technicality. Something as simple as forgetting to check a box or checking the wrong box can get you a denial letter. While you can appeal the decision, you can save yourself time and hassle if you hire an attorney to go through the application and look for any issues before it is sent.

Knows What to Do

The biggest problem people face is that they have never filed for SSD before. They have always been able to work and live life without financial help. Now, you’re in a situation where you need the help of someone more experienced. There’s no shame in asking for help from an attorney; that’s what they’re trained to do. They can help you through the appeal, work on the initial claim, and walk you through the steps. They can also be there to hold your hand through it all so that you understand what’s going on and that you’re not alone.

A social security benefits lawyer knows SSD laws and can help you through your situation, making it easier and less stressful. Visit The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen in Buena Park to learn how they can help.