Why You Should Hire a Lackawanna SSD Lawyer if You’re Disabled?

by | Mar 21, 2020 | Lawyers


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If you become sick or injured before your designated retirement age, you’ll likely need to file for Social Security disability insurance. This will enable you to pay for basic living expenses, such as housing and food. However, the best way to win a disability case is to hire an experienced Lackawanna SSD lawyer. Here’s why.

Familiar With Process

A qualified SSD lawyer in Lackawanna has spent years handling disability cases for disabled folks. He or she is also familiar with the various steps involved in winning disability cases. This legal professional will also be familiar with certain judges and know the key factors they consider when rendering final decisions on these cases.

Assists With Paperwork

In most cases, an SSD lawyer in Lackawanna will help you fill out various forms, including your initial application for disability benefits. The attorney or a company paralegal will usually fill the form out as he or she asks you questions about your ailment, income and current living situation. The SSD attorney will then send the application to the Social Security Administration.

Helps You Get Backpay

Hiring an SSD lawyer in Lackawanna will improve your odds of getting both monthly disability benefits and backpay. The backpay is a lump sum of money that you would’ve earned during the time you waited for a decision to be rendered on your case.

Among other things, a Lackawanna SSD lawyer provides you with an outsider’s view of your case. This enables him or her to recognize certain weaknesses, such as a lack of medical records, and correct them.

Leventhal, Sutton & Gornstein is a highly reputable Social Security disability law firm that will work hard to get you the disability benefits you deserve, and you can reach the firm at 215-357-3300 or visit our website.