Why Operating Under the Influence is Never a Good Idea for Anyone

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Attorney


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Operating under the influence or OUI is a serious offense, and it is defined as driving while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other kind of intoxicant. A person is considered guilty of an OUI if they drive or are in control of the vehicle while their mental faculties are impaired, or if their blood alcohol levels are above the legal limit.

There are many penalties associated with an OUI, and they are often based on a person’s prior records, blood alcohol levels, and the facts presented in a court case.

Key case evidence could include the arresting officer’s testimony regarding statements made by the defendant during the arrest, their conduct while driving, or their behavior overall and demeanor when pulled over for questioning. Find out how operating under influence attorney in Crowley, LA can help your case.

First-time offenders are often relegated to classes designed to help them, such as sobriety meetings or alcohol or substance rehabilitation. It is possible for first-time offenders to be charged with a misdemeanor for operating under the influence.

However, if this is a second or third offense or there are other serious circumstances involved in the case, it is possible for the charge to be considered a felony. The court may also order for a breathalyzer to be installed in the vehicle if this is not the first offense.

A conviction for operating under the influence could result in many severe consequences and penalties. A person’s driver’s license could be suspended, and there could be fines or probation or counseling ordered.

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