Why Landlords Need To Consider Securing Property Law Services In St. Louis MO Before An Eviction

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Law


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Becoming a landlord can be both an exciting and a rewarding venture. Like anyone else in business, landlords just want to make sure that the work they do each day is profitable. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to build a profitable business when a landlord encounters tenants who cannot or will not pay the rent they agreed upon. When that happens, landlords regularly resort to evicting tenants from the property. However, before a landlord takes even one step forward, it’s a good idea to secure Property Law Services St. Louis MO to help with the eviction process. Although a landlord may be tempted to avoid doing so, consider the following reasons why that may not be the wisest business decision:

1. Evictions can be very complicated from a legal standpoint. In order for a landlord to win an eviction case, they’ll need to have proof that they have followed ever little rule that governs the process. Unfortunately, even one little mistake made in filling out or filing the paperwork or notifying the tenant could lead to delays or a dismissal of the case. The good news is that a firm that provides Property Law in Fredericton can help a landlord avoid this scenario by ensuring that all standards are followed precisely so that no judge will dismiss their case because of a small misstep.

2. Simply put, the law is set up to protect tenants. For that reason, landlords may have to fight harder than they initially expected in order to win an eviction case -; especially if the tenant has countered with a defense like retaliation, discrimination, or failure to maintain the property. Things can become even more difficult if the tenant has filed for bankruptcy and been granted an automatic stay. In these cases, Property Law Services St. Louis MO will look out for the landlord’s interest by helping them craft a viable legal strategy (such as filing a motion for relief from the automatic stay) to get around the defense and reclaim what’s rightfully theirs.

The eviction process can be difficult for everyone. Whether this is a landlord’s first eviction or they are dealing with a tricky situation, it’s best to get in touch with the legal professionals. They’ll do their best to help landlords find justice so that they can turn their focus back to what really matters -; their business and their tenants.