When Do You Need a Brain Injury Attorney?

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Lawyer


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It’s a popular misconception that if you can wonder if you need a brain injury attorney, you don’t really need a Brain Injury Attorney. Many people living with brain injury are still able to read, care for themselves and led productive lives. These people are living with a serious handicap and need help making ends meet. Personal injury lawyers who specialize in brain injuries usually call what they do neurolaw.

Insurance Refusing Payments

The good news is that many people with brain injuries can lead good quality lives if they are given the right emergency care and out-patient therapy. The bad news is that this health care is expensive. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, only 5 percent of people who experience brain injuries can afford medical treatment. If your health insurance company is refusing to pay your medical bills because of your brain injury, you need a brain injury lawyer to fight for you.

Immediate Settlement Offer

If you are offered a settlement soon after your injury or even while you are still in the hospital, contact a lawyer. This settlement is usually a fraction of what you deserve. Too early settlements can come not only from the person who injured you, but your health insurance company or, if you had a car accident, from a car insurance company.

Newborns with Brain Injuries

If you are the parent of a newborn suffering from a brain injury as a result from medical malpractice, contact a brain injury lawyer. A good settlement can help pay for current and future medical care costs for your child.

Car Accidents

Anyone who has suffered a blow to the head may have a brain injury. Pain may not set in until hours or days after the initial accident. After first going to the hospital, contact a brain injury lawyer.

Finding an Attorney

If you need a brain injury lawyer, check out the website for the Brain Injury Association of America. They maintain a list of attorneys who specialize in neurolaw.