When Childbirth Turns Tragic: Dealing with a Physician’s Errors

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Attorney


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In most cases, the birth of a child is a joyous event that’s celebrated by family members and hospital staff alike. However, in some unfortunate incidents, mistakes made during, or immediately after delivery can result in health problems that may compromise the health of the mother or child.

With guidance from a Marion medical malpractice attorney, Marion residents can start to bring clarity to these unforeseen circumstances and determine the ideal ways to plan for the future of their new addition.

Acting Quickly When it’s Malpractice

Every state is governed by a statute of limitations that dictates how long a resident has to declare a lawsuit against healthcare professionals. In Illinois, the period of time is two years, so anyone who is considering forming a lawsuit against a negligent medical practitioner should seek legal advice promptly and not delay thinking about the days ahead.

Attorneys Will Outline Crucial Details for Medical Lawsuits

The moments surrounding childbirth can be so chaotic that people end up doubting whether or not they really have a case that would hold up in court. While getting advice from a medical malpractice attorney, Marion families will have the opportunity to ask questions about particular aspects of the case and learn whether certain details might impact the outcome.

All healthcare professionals are bound by a standard of care, otherwise known as the set of practices that are generally accepted while treating similar patients. When a physician is found to have breached the standard of care, lawsuits could result.

There are other details that can also be discussed by a medical malpractice attorney. Marion lawyers can explain that a misdiagnosis or failure to offer a particular treatment for an ailment can be grounds for a lawsuit, too.

Clearly, there are many considerations to evaluate before moving forward with this sort of case, but with legal guidance, you can move forward in the right way.

Lawyers at Womick Law Firm CHTD have experience in understanding and representing individuals and families who have suffered a devastating outcome as a result of medical negligence.