Wheaton Child Custody Lawyers Make a Lot of Sense in Some Cases

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Law


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When it comes to the health and wellbeing of a child, a custody lawyer is a valuable tool for the right cases. When trying to establish child custody, it is vital to have a lawyer present to make sure the situation goes the way that it should. A good lawyer will not only smooth out the process, but also ensure that his client gets the consideration deserved. This is even truer when the other party of the case has a lawyer as well.

Consider Finances

While getting a good lawyer is a good move, it is not worth going bankrupt over. Before doing anything else, always take the time to look over the finances and consider whether the move makes sense or not. It is worth going into debt a bit to get a qualified lawyer in most instances, but not if it is going to hurt long-term finances.

Get Help for Complex Cases

Many simple child custody cases can be completed without the help of a lawyer. When the other parent is not interested in custody is a perfect example of this. There is no doubt that having a good lawyer improves the results of most custody battles, but a good lawyer is particularly important for cases that are more complex. For cases that are split between different states, or that have many factors to be considered it is helpful to have a skilled lawyer working on the case.

Speak with the Lawyer

Before hiring any Wheaton child custody lawyers, take some time and speak to a few different attorneys. Get to know them and decide which one is the most likeable and trustworthy. Try to stick with the lawyer that is going to be easy to work with, but also pay attention to past success. A friendly lawyer will not do any good if he loses every case.

Consider Self-Representation

Everyone considering hiring a lawyer should first think about representing himself or herself. They should consider how it would feel to argue the case and try to explain their side of things. For some people that is a very intimidating thought, for others it does not seem like such a big deal, or might even be a source of excitement. For all those intimidated by the thought, it makes a lot of sense to get a lawyer to help instead.

Wheaton child custody lawyers are very helpful for making it through tough custody cases, but they are not all created equally. Some are very skilled at what they do, and others simply do not have the talent or experience to deliver. Make sure to get one of the good ones when worrying about something as important as child custody.

When it comes to Wheaton child custody lawyers, Fay, Farrow and Associates are a highly reliable firm. Each of these lawyers specializes in family law, and they know what it takes to get results.