What Woodstock Locals Need to Talk About with Their Social Security Lawyers

by | Apr 24, 2013 | Lawyer


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Applying for Social Disability benefits can be complicated and time consuming, which is the last thing you need when you’re already trying to deal with the challenges and difficulties of having a disability. Your social security lawyer in Woodstock can make it easier to navigate the maze of rules, regulations and paperwork, and help you do everything required when seeking social security. The fact is, seventy to seventy-five percent of all cases brought to the administrative judge will be denied in the first round. This is why it cannot be stressed enough that working with a social security lawyer is the key to saving you time and effort in pursuing your social security disability claim.

There are certain variables that contribute to having your claims in Woodstock rejected by the government, and while some of them are out of your control, you should tell your Social Security lawyer as soon as possible if any of these situations are applicable to you.

• Fraud Has Been Committed – The Social Security Administration will swiftly and mercilessly discontinue benefits and try for fraud anyone who has used dishonest means to acquire disability benefits.

• There is a Drug Problem – If a drug addiction or alcohol issue is one of the main components contributing to the disability, the SSA can, and probably will, deny benefits.

• Prescribed Therapy Has Been Ignored – If there is evidence that a doctor has given prescribed treatments or therapy, yet the recommended treatments and therapy have been ignored, disability benefits can be denied.

• Convictions or Imprisonment – If there is a felony on record, or current or past imprisonment, there are certain specifications involving these situations that could most certainly be a contributor to having benefits denied by the SSA.

• Noncooperation – Failing to work with the offices of the SSA to release documents, medical records and other data will present problems. Benefits may be denied due to inability to get adequate information.

Don’t panic! Social security lawyers in Woodstock understand that in some cases there are very legitimate excuses for why these situations have occurred and why, in some cases, such situations should not deter you from being able to receive the benefits you have a right to receive. A good social security lawyer will fight through the papers and procedures to find the best solutions for applying and possibly appealing and working hard to resolve your case with the SSA.

Pick Nash Disability Law, because they will be there with you every step of the process. Their social security lawyers are happy to give you a free consultation and answer any of your questions and fight for you to help you get the benefits you deserve.