What to Expect When Dealing with Personal Injury Issues in Hartford, WI

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Personal Injury Attorney


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Personal injury claims arise when one person is hurt because of someone else’s actions. When the person who caused the harm is found legally responsible, they might have to pay damages to the injured person. To make a personal injury claim in Wisconsin, it’s best to contact a lawyer for help on how to proceed.

A personal injury lawyer in Hartford, WI, from Hetzel Law Office, LLC can represent your case. You’ll either appear in court during a formal lawsuit or settle the matter with an informal settlement.

An informal settlement is a common way to settle personal injury claims. Instead of a long court battle, an informal settlement takes place fairly quickly. It generally involves you, the person you’re suing, your attorney, and attorneys for the other person.

In an informal situation, the attorneys from both sides negotiate a settlement. There is then a formal agreement that presents either side from taking further action. And instead of pursuing a formal lawsuit, you receive an agreed-upon sum of money.

A formal lawsuit is the opposite of an informal situation. With a formal lawsuit, you present your case in court. The court hears the evidence and then decides if you win or lose the case. If you win, the court decides how much money you’re due. This is why having your own attorney is a wise decision.

Pursuing Your Personal Injury Claim

Contact the Hetzel Law Office, LLC for a personal injury lawyer in Hartford, WI. No attorney can guarantee that you’ll win your case, but good legal counsel improves your chances. Visit https://www.hetzellawoffice.com/ for more information.