What To Expect From A Lawyer Who Deals With SSI Disability?

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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Social Security is a federal government program that has been established to provide benefits to those who reach the age of retirement as well as those who suffer a physical or mental disability prior to reaching the age of 65. A lawyer who deals with SSI disability in Mississippi is one who possesses specialized knowledge in the rules, regulations, laws and procedures that apply to the claims application process. This lawyer may be called upon to help the applicant from the beginning of the process but is most often brought in when the initial application is denied and the appeals process begins.

Anyone who applies for SSI disability benefits must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are indeed disabled to the point where they cannot do any meaningful work. To make their decision the Social Security Administration (SSA) go through a very detailed process which includes a detailed analysis of the applicants historic work record and medical records. A lawyer who is familiar with SSI disability in Mississippi knows what the administration needs, the lawyer can advise the client on the best way to prove that they are disabled and that they deserve to be approved for benefits.

Even though a knowledgeable Social Security lawyer can help clients make their initial application they more often are hired when the applicant who feels that they meet all the criteria, has had the application denied. When this happens, and it happens in the greatest majority of cases, the lawyer will initially request that the application be reconsidered and the denial of benefits overturned. In the event this too results in a denial of claims the lawyer will file a motion; requesting that the case be heard in person by an administrative law judge. During the hearing the lawyer will vigorously argue that his or her client meets all the criteria and is indeed disabled. It may be necessary to call in expert witnesses such as occupational and physical therapists and medical experts may be called upon to testify that the applicant’s disability is such that he cannot work.

If, at the hearing stage, the application is once again denied, the lawyer can take the case to the Appeals Council. If this should fail the lawyer who is handling the claim for SSI disability in Mississippi can file a law suit against the SSA.

If you are filing a claim for SSI disability in Mississippi it is in your best interest to do it with the help of a skilled attorney.