What To Do When Your Child Was Injured At Birth

by | Nov 23, 2012 | Personal Injury Lawyer


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The day you have been waiting for has finally come, the day that you get to meet your baby. In your mind, you probably pictured your baby being laid directly on your chest, with your doctor announcing the sex and everyone gasping and smiling. You likely imagined being teary eyed and overwhelmed with happiness as you looked into your baby’s eyes for the first time. But what happens when everything you dreamed for goes right out the window as your baby is rushed to the neo natal intensive care unit before you have even had a chance to say hello? What if they bring you your baby and tell you that there was a complication from the birth and because of that, your baby is now disabled? While unfortunately the past cannot be undone, an accident attorney in Norwalk, CT can take a look at your case and tell you if you are entitled to money damages.

The first emotion you may feel when given news like this is likely to be shock. You may be in shock that something happened to your precious baby, and once that has processed, you are likely to feel angry, and rightfully so. As your accident attorney in Norwalk, CT will tell you, the chances that your child’s birth injury was a complete accident that could not have been avoided is very unlikely. Chances are there was a mistake made, whether it was because the mother was in labor for too long without any intervention, or because of something that went wrong during the delivery. The reason laboring too long can be dangerous for the baby is because sometimes during the process, the baby is deprived of oxygen. The brain can only be deprived of oxygen for a short time before serious consequences can occur. Birth accidents can also occur during delivery, because either the baby can be deprived of oxygen, or because the baby was turned in a way that injured the spine. The good news is your accident attorney in Norwalk, CT can tell you the likelihood that your child’s injury was due to the mistake of someone. You may be able to sue not only to recover the costs of the medical needs of your child, but also for the pain and suffering you and your child has suffered.