What Does A Social Security Attorney Do?

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Lawyer


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Social Security is a United States Federal Government program that dates back to the time of FDR, the program provides a monthly check to those that have reached the minimum retirement age and those that suffer from a physical or mental disability and can no longer handle gainful employment. There is rarely any questions asked when the applicant is applying for retirement benefits but the same cannot be said if the application is being made to support a disability. The entire process when applying for disability benefits is complicated and requires a great deal of documentation in support of it. A Social Security attorney in Rockford is that legal professional that helps those who have made application only to have it denied.

Anyone who has not yet reached retirement age and suffers from a physical or mental disability that makes working for a living impossible may be eligible to collect a monthly cash benefit. SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance is available as long as the applicant meets certain criteria including the amount of income earned while working. The applicant must be able to prove they have accumulated enough work credits and their disability must meet the stringent definition as laid down by the SSA. For applicants that have not accumulated sufficient work credits they can apply for a needs based benefit known as Supplemental Security Income, SSI.

It would be rare for an applicant for disability to know enough about the system to deal with it independently. Many disabled elect to make the initial application unaided but will quickly turn to a Social Security attorney in Rockford when their application is denied, which most are. The attorney knows precisely what the SSA are looking for in support of the application, he or she uses this knowledge to enhance the chances of being accepted when the appeal is being heard by an administrative law judge. Statistically about 75 percent of all applications result in denial, when the applicant attends the hearing with an attorney a good two thirds of the denials are overturned and benefits are granted.

A Social Security attorney will normally confer with his or her client’s physicians and therapists. It is important that the attorney be completely familiar with the clients disability, in this way they are in a far better position to fully understand what has to be done; how to best present strong arguments to the judge during the hearing.

The information that is needed to support an application for Social Security disability is quite complex. The majority of applicants turn to a Social Security attorney in Rockford to help prepare and present valid arguments when it comes time to appeal a denial of benefits. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown. For more info, go to the site rabinsslaw.com.