What Car Accident Lawyers in Bellingham Know About Collisions Involving a Driver Without Insurance

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Lawyer


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An unusual problem may develop when a driver with liability insurance causes a wreck with a driver who does not have car insurance. The at-fault driver’s insurer may dispute the claim because the other person was doing something illegal. Washington State law requires liability coverage for all vehicle owners if those vehicles are being used and not stored. If the person’s expenses are high, car accident lawyers in Bellingham may be necessary for obtaining compensation.

Potential Consequences

The dispute would likely not hold up in court, but insurance companies may still deny claims in an effort to avoid paying. The at-fault driver is still responsible for paying for property damage, medical expenses and lost wages, all of which can be paid through the liability coverage. The other driver can be fined and have other legal penalties assessed for not obeying the law regarding automotive insurance.

The insurance company may try to present the case as similar to one in which the injured driver had been speeding, talking on the phone, or doing some other unsafe activity while behind the wheel. The adjusters may offer a relatively low settlement. Car accident lawyers in Bellingham may be needed to make sure the insurer pays the claim according to the policy guidelines.

Paying for Expenses

The person’s health insurance will pay for covered medical expenses while this case is ongoing. If a settlement is finally paid, the healthcare coverage provider will be reimbursed from that settlement amount. Car repairs will have to wait unless the owner can afford to pay them out of pocket.

Additional Problems

After a settlement agreement has been negotiated with the insurer by an organization such as the Allen Law Firm, the claimant has additional problems to address. It may be difficult to obtain reasonably priced automotive insurance after being caught driving without it. Yet, providing proof of insurance to the state will be required now. The fine can be as high as $450 as of 2019. Not paying the fine by the due date can lead to license suspension. Driving without insurance is a misdemeanor, so now someone with a previous spotless criminal history has an offense on their record. Find us on Facebook!