What an Expungement Attorney in Burlington, VT Includes in the File and How Long Does It Lasts

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Lawyers


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An expungement attorney in Burlington, VT works in a particular area of the law that removes records forever. Ideally, the expungement process goes through smoothly and any records of an arrest are removed forever. There are some exceptions to this area that are worth exploring.

How long does an expungement last?

An expungement lasts forever. Expungement means the actual destruction of the physical paperwork that goes into a case; i It means that any link to that arrest or charge is removed forever. In this day and age, it also means destroying any digital links to the arrest. There have been issues in this area, and that could potentially bring in a future lawsuit, so c Clients should always keep in mind this possibility.

Are there exceptions to expungement?

There are very few exceptions, but they do exist. Some states may enforce a “no expungement policy.” The documents will then be sealed and inaccessible forever. If the person applies for public office or wants to go into medicine or law, they will need to disclose that information. These are three exceptions with an expungement attorney in Burlington, VT and unless in the rarest of situations, the only ones to be aware of.

Can one state in an application that they were never arrested?

If a work application asks if the individual was ever arrested, they can legally say that they have never been arrested or charged of the crime. The expungement process may expire after, for example, 20 years (that is not common, but it is possible). In this case, it is actually not considered an expungement. If there is a timeframe involved, it is usually called sealing. Sealing is a little more temporary. Expungement, on the other hand, means the records are actually destroyed and remove from existence. It is perfectly legal to say that they have never been arrested in an expungement. Sealing is a little different, and can vary.

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