What a Wrongful death attorney in Atlanta Can Do for You

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Law


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A wrongful death is a death caused by someone’s mistake death that happens because of negligence on someone’s area of work. Wrongful death attorneys in Atlanta are lawyers that work to bring compensation and justice to the surviving individuals of the deceased who were financially depending on him or her.

Elements of a wrongful death

  • An attorney must and should be able to prove the cause of death as negligence on another person’s part.
  • An attorney should prove the relationship between the survivors and the deceased existed and it is real.
  • The attorney should be able to evaluate the amount of compensation the individuals are entitled to by

* Analysing the level at which the survivors or the next of kin was financially dependent on the deceased.
* By investigating the earned finances of the deceased
* By analysing the deceased savings
* Investigating the cost incurred during medication or the funeral process of the deceased

  • An attorney evaluates the validity of the case to ensure that it falls within the specified period of claim.

Causes of a wrongful death
Some causes that leads to wrongful death claims include:
* Defective products from manufactures
* Medical malpractices; that include birth injuries, surgical faults, anaesthesia faults and *   nurses misconduct and hospital negligence.
* Auto accidents involving careless driver and truck drivers
* Work place accidents that lead to employee’s loss of life.

Duties of a wrongful death attorney

  • They will represent the victim and defend his/ her rights by coming up with a strong case and presenting all the physical evidence.
  • Atlanta wrongful death attorneys will provide information on all practical and legal aspects of wrongful death claims and personal injury. They will ensure that you have adequate knowledge on widow’s benefits, survivor actions, and social security disability.
  • They bring justice by ensuring that people receive their settlements on time and without delay.
  • They value the clients privacy thus they protect the critical evidence of the accident.
  • Atlanta wrongful death attorneys will help by assisting you in filing for a wrongful death suit, which is a sure way of attaining your settlement.

If you are in a situation, whereby you need an attorney to help you in filing and pursuing monetary compensation for your close ones death due to another individual or companies fault, be sure to try the Atlanta wrongful death attorneys. They work with you to ensure that you are fully compensated and that your gone loved ones labor is in good use.