Understanding Child Custody Requirements By Consulting A Divorce Attorney In Walker, MN

by | May 17, 2014 | Lawyers


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The state of Minnesota requires that petitioners who wish to file for divorce establish residency. They are required to live within the state for no less than one-hundred eighty days to fulfill this need. He or she must present proof of residency to file the petition. A Divorce Attorney in Walker MN can assist them in this task and file the motion with the Cass County court.

Child Custody and Support

In divorce proceedings, it is vital to include the child custody and support arrangements within the divorce decree. This informs the defendant of the petitioner’s intentions and allows them time to respond. If the defendant agrees with this arrangements and property division, he or she must sign and return the documents to the court. When the defendant does not agree to these terms, he or she should hire an attorney and contest the divorce.

The state of Minnesota requires all parents who wish to acquire child custody to attend a parenting class. This gauges their parenting style and enforces better behaviour when children are present. It also prepares them for sharing the child’s time with their former spouse. They learn the process utilized for visitation.

In the Cass County court, any child custody cases that are not settled through negotiations or mediation requires a hearing. During this hearing both parties have the opportunity to present why they feel they should receive custody of the child. The judge listens to both argument and makes a decision based on the best interests of the child. In some cases, a child advocate lawyer is assigned to represent the child and present his or her wishes. Children who are at least twelve years in age are allowed to make a formal request as to where they wish to live.

Child custody is assigned based on the court’s payment chart. The value assigned is determined by the number of children and the income level of the non-custodial parent. After this assignment, the custodial parent may increase this value at any time that their former spouse receives an income increase. To file a motion to receive child custody, a petitioner should hire a Divorce Attorney in Walker MN or visit Website Domain.