Understanding Bail Bonds in Cleburne Texas and How Bail is Set

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Bail Bonds


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Individuals charged with a crime are presumed innocent until a court finds them guilty. However, this does not mean the person will be free to leave jail before he or she appears in court. He or she may be required to pay bail in order to be released. When this is the case, bail bonds in Cleburne Texas can be of help. How much will the bail be and how is this determined?

The Purpose of Bail

The court wants to make certain a person accused of a crime shows up for all court appearances, which is why bail may be required. If the accused has a financial interest in the case, he or she is more likely to appear. For this reason, the court sets the bail amount high enough to make this happen but not so high that is it considered excessive.

How Is Bail Set?

The court may use one of two methods to determine an amount for bail. Many courts make use of a bail schedule. Others, however, are now relying on an algorithm to set an amount.

A bail schedule is a list of crimes and an associated bail amount for each crime. When a person wishes to get out of jail, officials at the jail may use this schedule to set the amount. Nevertheless, the person accused of a crime could choose to go before a judge during a bail hearing. The judge can make use of this schedule but may also use his or her discretion to set a different amount.

Certain jurisdictions are now trying an algorithm when setting bail for the accused. The algorithm takes into account several factors, including the person’s age and criminal history. When this information is entered into the algorithm, calculations are made and a bail amount is set. This algorithm is designed to remove any subjectivity from the process.

Bail bonds in Cleburne Texas are of great help to individuals who cannot come up with the full amount. A bail bond is used to secure the person’s release, so the person does not have to come up with the amount required by the court. Visit Rogers’ Bail Bonds if you are in need of a bail bond. The firm is there to help people in a time of need. Call them today.